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Features of bearing zirconia ceramics

Source: Bearing network time: 2013-06-28

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The characteristics of zirconia ceramic materials are:
1 crystal layout: some stable zirconia (PSZ); cubic phase (cub) layout + monoclinic (mono) layout.
2 high resistance (the highest of all ceramic materials); bending strength up to 1300MPa; but fracture resistance is sensitive to temperature; high temperature should be used.
3 commonly used zirconia ceramics is Mg-PSZ.
4 high hardness; wear resistance; not easy to scratch the dual part.
5 corrosion resistance; stable to most acid and alkali.
6 Touch fatigue life and bearing difference is large; not suitable for high-speed heavy-duty ceramic bearings.
7 can be made in light load medium and low speed corrosion ceramic bearings.
8 zirconia powder production methods:
Zirconium (ZrSiO4) sand and coke and chlorine gas reacted at 800~1200 °C to form gas phase ZrCl4 and SiCl4.

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