Professional maintenance of any brand of inverter, DC governor, PLC, touch screen, AC and DC servo controller, UPS, and other industrial equipment. Provide the corresponding repair parts service. Specializes in the maintenance of the drive board, the maintenance of the switching power supply, the maintenance of the elevator circuit board, the maintenance of the PLC circuit board, the maintenance of the touch screen circuit board and the maintenance of various industrial control equipment. The user reflects: After the inverter is powered on, it reports SLU. It is a steady-state undervoltage fault and cannot be turned on.
1. Connect the inverter to the AC380V maintenance power supply, report the ILP (input phase loss) fault after power-on, find the three-phase input power voltage detection circuit from the power supply/drive board, first use the wire to connect the optical coupler 3 and 4 feet. Short circuit to shield the input phase loss fault signal.
2. After continuing to power on the inverter, the inverter reports SLU (meaning steady-state undervoltage) fault. When the level of the 12 pin of U6 changes, the inverter should report the voltage fault, so first eliminate the fault of the switch signal forming circuit. Detect U17 and the voltage value of each pin, judge that U17 itself has no problem, it may be caused by the input voltage signal of 3 pin is too low.
3. Check the components such as D12 and R100, and there is no abnormality. Try to short the R4 to increase the voltage value of the voltage detection signal. The SLU no longer displays the SLU fault and can operate normally. The reason for analyzing the voltage drop of the voltage detection signal may be the resistance value of the resistance voltage dividing circuit, such as the R100 resistance value becomes larger, or the resistance value of R107 becomes smaller, or the capacitance of C60, C1, C63, etc. is caused by leakage. The possibility of leakage of the capacitor is large. When the C63 is soldered and then the inverter is powered on, the undervoltage fault is no longer falsely reported. The two pins of the capacitor C63 are measured, and there are several thousand ohms of leakage resistance. After replacing the ceramic capacitor within the range of 0.01uF~0.1uF, after power-on test, the inverter works normally. Taiyuan inverter repair
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