The plates in the home can be seen everywhere. Ceilings, wardrobes, bookcases, shoe cabinets, etc., are not paid attention to the wrong quality of the plate, which not only affects the daily use, but also causes serious harm to the health. Want to have a harmless and comfortable home environment? Let Mr. An Ju teach you a few moves today.

How to buy high quality and environmentally friendly plates?

Bianjujuan Anju:

Joinery board, also known as Daxin board, is one of the main varieties of decoration boards. Everyone can judge their quality through some simple and intuitive methods.

First, see if it meets the environmental protection requirements

According to the requirements of the "Limit of formaldehyde release from interior decoration materials and artificial boards and their products", the amount of formaldehyde released from building materials directly used indoors must be less than or equal to 1.5 mg per liter. Bringing unqualified wood home is like adding a poison gas generator to a new home. Therefore, to buy building materials, you must first look at environmental protection and not be environmentally friendly.

Second, look at the appearance

The appearance should be smooth and flawless, and the logo should be complete. One side of the blockboard must be a whole board, and only one seam is allowed on the other side. The quality blockboard panel should be dry, smooth, and free from defects. The middle plate is uniform in thickness, non-overlapping, and free from seams. The core board is closely spliced. Touch the surface of the blockboard with your hand. The high-quality blockboard should be dry, smooth and smooth.

Third, look at the intrinsic quality

Observe the bright light, such as the white note that the splicing of the sticks is not tight enough; when you hear the sound when you pick up, there is a buzzing sound to indicate that the gluing strength is not good; raise the end of a blockboard, squeak, the high-quality blockboard should have a Kind of overall sense, heavy feeling. You can also tap the surface of the plate with a sharp-nosed device to hear if the sound is very different. If the sound changes, there is a hollow inside the plate. If the blockboard emits a pungent odor, it means that the formaldehyde emission is high and it is best not to purchase it.

When purchasing sheets, they should be purchased as soon as possible. If there are a few panel lines with different colors and color differences, the same lines and color plates can be used on a piece of furniture to avoid the difference in lines and color.

For ordinary consumers, it is not easy to remember the relevant professional knowledge of wood consumption and to identify the quality of the plate. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers should choose reputable merchants to purchase wood products. B&Q will provide every customer with reliable wood products, professional guidance services and free cutting services.

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