In recent years, the EU's spending power has remained high for cold-rolled stainless steel, which is widely used in automotive sheet, electrical sheet and kitchen utensils. Compared with the consumption of 5 kg of stainless steel per person per year in China, the per capita annual consumption of developed countries is 7 kg. The “land snakes” in Europe obviously will not give up the “big cake” of the stainless steel market to China’s “strong dragon”.

European Union Steel Federation Secretary-General Moffat said recently that anti-dumping complaints will be filed against the European Commission for cold-rolled stainless steel products imported from South Korea, China and Taiwan. This is not the first time the EU industry has expressed its dissatisfaction with imported cold-rolled stainless steel products. Experts interviewed said that because EU steel companies have the ability to mass produce high value-added steel products such as cold-rolled stainless steel, the competition for foreign products is very exclusive.

“In the same period last year, the EU conducted intensive anti-dumping investigations against Chinese companies, and this year is still the case.” Some industry analysts said that the price competitiveness of Chinese products has become the main cause of “exclusion” in the EU industry.

According to the reporter, the organization has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with China's cold-rolled stainless steel products. The last time was in March last year. At that time, the European Union also had a proposal to file an anti-dumping complaint and issued a tough warning in November.

“Euro is so concerned with cold-rolled stainless steel products, which is related to the EU's own product structure and competitive advantages.” He Rongliang, an analyst with the China Merchants Productivity Promotion Center, said that EU steel companies have the ability to mass produce the added value of cold-rolled stainless steel. Higher product. As a result, the overcapacity of this product has led to the rejection of similar products in China.

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