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Digital currency blockchain development uses security technology to guarantee the circulation, controllability, and non-changeability of digital virtual coins. It focuses on high-matching systems, achieving soft load balancing and fault tolerance, supporting loads, and independently developing virtual currency transactions. System, digital currency trading platform, multi-currency trading platform, blockchain technology.
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Post task
1. When your friend publishes the task and passes the review, you will receive a 5% award
2. When your friend's friend releases Ren Nu, after the review is passed, you will get a 2% reward
mission accomplished
1. When your friend completes and approves the task, you will receive a 2% reward
2. When your friend's friend completes and approves the task, you will receive a 1% reward
Sticky reward
1. When your friend posts a task and sticks it to the top, you will get a 20% reward
2. When your friend's friends post a task and pin it, you will get 10%
Static income
1 96 won 100 likes, the daily task likes earn 3 yuan, 90 yuan in January, 1080 yuan in one year.
2,196 won 200 likes, the daily task likes 6 yuan, 180 yuan in January, 2160 yuan in one year.
3 96 won 300 praises, the daily task likes earn 11 yuan, 330 yuan in January, 3960 yuan in a year.
4 96 yuan won the number of praises + follow 350, the daily task likes the income + attention income 30 yuan, January income 900 yuan, 10800 yuan a year.

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