In recent years, there have been more and more complaints about wooden floors. The current wood floor consumer market is still immature, the concept of speculation or the individual phenomenon of falsifying data to deceive consumers often occurs. Immediately after the renovation season, low-cost promotions in the wood flooring industry will start. If you recently had the need to buy wood flooring, you have to make up for it first and see what are the consumption pitfalls in the wood floor industry.

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Wood floor industry publicity trap a lot

Trap 1: "Counterfeit imports."

Some brands promoted their products with “100% imported” dumplings. In fact, they only imported a small amount, and most used domestic materials and technologies.

Trap 2: "wear-resistant revolutions falsified."

Businesses made counterfeit data on floor wear-resistant rotations, claiming that the number of floor wear-resistant rotations was up to 20,000 rpm. The number of wear-resisting revolutions is in accordance with the national standard, and the household floor is ≥ 6000 rpm, and the commercial floor is ≥ 9000 rpm. At the same time, the higher the number of rotation, the easier it is to be brittle, and the higher the hardness, the less the toughness.

Trap 3: "Exaggerate functions."

Said that the floor has antibacterial, geothermal free glue, waterproof, anti-static and other functions, so that consumers such as "look at the flowers."

Trap 4: "virtual environmental protection".

Many people choose non-toxic, harmless, health and environmental protection as the first choice when purchasing flooring. The environmental terms such as E1 and E0 in the flooring industry are endless, and even the name of “formaldehyde free flooring” has been played. In fact, in the production process of floors, in order to ensure the floor bonding strength and wear resistance, most of them use adhesives or paints containing formaldehyde more or less. The key is to ensure that the floor and its supporting materials are environmentally friendly to avoid formaldehyde. The cumulative content is harmful to human health. The national standard for free formaldehyde on wooden floors is less than 1.5 mg/l.

In the pros and cons of the mixed floor market, it can be described as an extremely rare floor. Eslite, embodies the sincerity of the manufacturer: the process is sincere, it will not brag about exaggeration; pricing is sincere, it will not sit on the ground price; corporate integrity in good faith, we can continue to demand quality.

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