Yesterday, a netizen asked Xiao Bian. Is it the first time to build a wall or to do water and electricity first? Given the professionalism of the problem, Xiao Bian specifically asked the supervisor, who was saying this to Xiaobian... Share it to everyone. Supervision: The first wall and then the water and electricity wiring better. When the house was just beginning to be renovated, the house was generally just a frame, and it was most convenient to build walls first. If water and electricity are used to build walls first, various complex hydropower lines will hinder the construction of subsequent masonry workers. Below, we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of the construction method in the phase and judge it. I. Advantages and Disadvantages of Constructing Walls and Doing Hydropower When the house is just going to be renovated, it is still only a frame. At this time, it is the most convenient time for the mason to construct the wall first. After the completion of the wall construction, the hydropower project will be carried out, and the positioning of the hydropower wiring will be more accurate. It is conducive to the installation of various sockets and power supplies in the later stages of the home. However, there are also certain drawbacks in the construction of the first wall and then the water and electricity. According to the construction sequence of home decoration, the general masonry is the last entry. If it is necessary to build the wall first, then the second entry of the masonry is needed, which will increase the construction time and construction costs. Second, to do the advantages and disadvantages of water and electricity re-wall: If you choose to conduct hydropower wiring first, you can shorten the construction period, save the second entry of the bricklayers, and save a lot of engineering costs. However, the first hydropower route will cause some hindrance to the subsequent masonry wall, and the bottom box of the hydropower line can only be installed and installed by the mason, and sometimes it will affect the construction of the later paint. This is obviously unreasonable. . In summary, Xiao Bian still suggested that everyone choose the first wall and then the hydropower wiring when renovating a new house. Although it will cost more, the effect of completion will also be doubled. After reading this knowledge and knowing what to do, I hope that the contents of the Xiaobian can help everyone in the decoration more smoothly.

Renovation process hydropower stage

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