A warm and romantic living room environment is inseparable from the clever matching of curtains. If you want to choose a suitable curtain to add color to your living space, you need to consider many aspects. First, you should consider the overall effect of the living room. Let's take a look at the style and matching of the curtain fabric.

This year's curtains are still dominated by color, subtlety and luxury. In the past two years, consumers have paid attention to the color and color of curtains, but now they pay more attention to materials, crafts and environmental protection.

In terms of style, moderate luxury, romanticism, and minimalism have become the three main trends this winter. Among them, the moderate luxury style is integrated into the European classic style and post-modernism design. The color is mainly composed of gold, dark red, khaki, bright yellow and other stable colors. The material is mainly imported environmentally friendly fabrics, let the curtains It has a good quality; the romantic style is typical of gauze curtains, with a variety of printed curtains, which can achieve the practical function of shading, but also make the curtains not too thin, rich in layering; minimalism Styles from style to color are mainly elegant, with striped bedding and solid color furniture and accessories, adding space to jump and aura, more harmonious and elegant.

Curtain collocation mainly considers the overall style. Nowadays, the curtains are more popular with the pure "stylized" design. The market is more popular with American, neo-classical and pastoral style curtains.

Different space combinations

The choice of fabric curtains must first establish a unified effect according to the decoration color and style of the living room. According to the specific use of each room to determine the best match for curtain fabric. For different functions of the living room, choose curtains with different shades and patterns.

The living room is a place to receive guests and family members. It is recommended to choose a thin fabric with light color and strong light transmission to create a solemn, simple and generous bright visual effect. The bedroom is a private space that can be considered in conjunction with the bedding. Choose a thick shaded fabric as the main ingredient. The yarn and curtain are double-layered to create a warm and romantic atmosphere. The old man's room should be dominated by dark tones and elegant patterns to create a deep, steady atmosphere. The children’s room is decorated with bright, relaxing colours and lively patterns create a cheerful atmosphere. The study is suitable for simple, elegant patterns, creating a cultural atmosphere and a personalized atmosphere. Dirty, easy-to-clean fabrics should be chosen for the bathroom and kitchen.

Conditional families can also change curtains of different styles according to the season. In summer, the fabric curtains in shades of green, water and blue are cool. But in the winter, it will feel cold and can be replaced with warm-colored curtains. If you can't change it, choose a neutral tone and pattern.

Household type curtains cover

In fact, no matter how carefully decorated, it will leave some defects, and it is a good choice to cover up these defects with soft decoration such as curtains.

For example, if the room is not bright enough, you can use the printed fabric with a loose cloth structure and geometric patterns to make the curtains. At the same time, the patterns on the curtains should be unified with the wall decorations, which can make people's vision more open.

If the room is too empty, you can choose a softer, fluffy, light-absorbing material to decorate the floor and walls, while the windows use a lot of contrasting materials, or use brightly colored curtains in eye-catching places.å¹”, bedspreads, in sharp contrast to the floor and walls.

If the room is too short, use the contrasting vertical stripes and patterns to decorate the walls and windows. If it is too narrow, the walls and curtains can be decorated with horizontal stripes and patterns. Use eye-catching patterns on the narrow ends to take advantage of the contrast and contrast of the materials, such as laying soft carpets on the floor with wooden and linen carpets.

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