1. The role of the compensator of the steam pipeline: mainly to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline, has the following effects:

1. Compensate for axial, lateral and angular thermal deformation of the absorption pipe.

2. Absorb equipment vibration and reduce the impact of equipment vibration on the pipeline.

3. Absorb the amount of deformation of the pipeline caused by earthquakes and subsidence.

2. Does the compensator elongate when it is cold or when it is hot?

When the pipe medium is below 20 degrees, the pipe is contracted by temperature and the compensator is elongated. When the medium is above 20 degrees, the pipe expands and the compensator compresses. When the medium is kept at 20 degrees, the compensator remains in place.

The steam pipe will expand and expand after being heated. If this part of the elongation is not absorbed effectively, the pipe support will be damaged by the thrust and the pipe will fall off seriously.

The function of the pipe compensator is to absorb the amount of pipe expansion. From the outside, the pipe compensator is contracted when the pipe is hot and elongated when it is cold.

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Label: Corrugated compensator for the role of steam pipes

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