As a food sanctuary, Chengdu naturally attracts many and many food job seekers to come to work. The office is the most place they stay in one day. The office decoration is generally contracted to the decoration company. Which Chengdu office decoration company is better? Today we come to find out!

Chengdu Office Decoration Company - Dong Yi Risheng

Dongyi Risheng has been a leader in the decoration industry and its brand value has been continuously improved. Currently, it has owned dozens of patented technologies and is considered a high-tech enterprise in the industry. Through years of hard work, self-professional services have spread to most provinces and cities in China, and also involve the development of foreign design businesses. Through high-quality word of mouth and a variety of development models, the brand-new attitude is used to drive the industry toward technological innovation and innovation, and bring more service experiences to consumers.

Chengdu Office Decoration Company - Yuanzhou Decoration

With a history of nearly 20 years, Yuen Chau Decorative Brands has been established. Currently, the company is involved in the development of a number of businesses and integrates design and home products into a mall-style sales model. With the capital as the center, it spreads its services across the country, and most domestic consumers can find this decoration company locally. The diversification of decoration styles has met consumers at all levels. In addition, the brand has launched a number of home improvement marketing models to make it easier for consumers to decorate.

Chengdu Office Decoration Company - Longfa Decoration

Longfa Decoration is the only domestic 3A-class enterprise, and the brand operates a variety of business modules, such as design decoration, production and sales of household products, and distribution of goods. Since its establishment, it has been steadily moving forward and is currently the most influential decorative brand in the industry. In the domestic market, dozens of decoration branches have been opened, overseas operations have been successfully expanded, brand international reputation has been achieved, and high reputation has been achieved. Has won many awards in the industry, a full range of decorative home services, giving consumers a one-stop experience, won the trust of the decoration user.

Chengdu office decoration company - decoration

Today's decoration time is shorter than other brands, but its decoration business covers home improvement, public decoration, and supporting services. After years of development, it has won many city-level honorary titles. The brand service is based on the principle of customer supremacy. In order to better serve the users, the brand uses a scientific management model. It also recruits top designers and recruits a large number of senior construction masters to escort the decoration. Allowing consumers to feel confident about their decoration, peace of mind, and after-sales service are also perfect.

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