The wear of circulating fluidized bed boilers is the erosion wear, that is, the abrasion caused by the impact of fluid or solid particles on the surface of the material at a certain speed and angle. Zhisheng Weihua wear-resistant coating experts have long studied circulating fluidized bed and found that the wear of circulating fluidized bed not only has the impact of particles on the material in the furnace, but also the erosion of the surface of the material with high concentration of ash-containing gas flow, so the main factors affecting the wear It is related to the wear resistance coefficient of the flue gas flow rate, fly ash concentration, and fly ash wear characteristics. In general, large particle size, angular shape, particle concentration, etc. are the key factors affecting wear. The concentration of the particles is determined by the height dimension of the furnace, the fluidization velocity, the amount of solid material, the size and shape of the particles, and their uniformity. The coating hardness is a measure of the wear resistance of the coating, so the inner wall coating must have high hardness and water resistance. Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of high-hardness and wear-resistant ceramic coating ZS-911 by using modification technology. It is suitable for the above high temperature friction corrosion conditions, and the temperature resistance is 150°C, 600°C and 2600°C respectively. The hardness of the coating can reach 9H or more after curing, which can effectively prevent the lining from being worn and corrosion too fast.

Wear-resistant ceramic sheets are worthy of comparison with wear-resistant waterproof coatings in wear resistance, but the defects of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet sticking process cause them to fall off easily. The defects of the pasting process are as follows: firstly, in the manufacturing process, the surface is derusted, roughened, acetone cleaned, and the epoxy resin is prepared and then pasted; secondly, the ceramic piece is easily peeled off during the collision during transportation and installation. Increase the workload for the installation. The key point is that in the use of ceramic sheets, there are many gaps. The epoxy resin used to paste the ceramic sheets is easy to age and not resistant to temperature. After a year of normal use, the ceramic sheets begin to fall off. Weihua ZS-911 wear-resistant waterproof coating with temperature resistance of 150 °C adopts dual measures of non-oriented fiber and directional mesh reinforcement. It further improves the toughness through coupling, increases the reliability of the system, and can effectively prevent damage and peeling caused by impact force. In addition, multiple reinforcement measures have been taken during construction to effectively improve the material properties. The wear-resistant waterproof coating has a low expansion coefficient, which makes it stable in volume and rarely causes cracks, so the overall performance is excellent. Together with the seamless construction method, the overall integrity is further improved.

In order to further improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of wear-resistant coatings at high temperatures, Beijing Zhisheng Weihua's R&D personnel have undergone extensive experiments. The wear-resistant waterproof ceramic coating is a new energy-saving coating developed by Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Technology Development Co., Ltd. and the troops. ZS-911 The wear-resistant waterproof coating is mainly composed of the wear-resistant aggregate, the ultra-fine powder and the inorganic polymer dispersion. After the coating is solidified, the particles are closely packed, so there is no large macroscopic defect, the bulk density is large, and the strength can reach at room temperature. Above 210Mpa, the raw materials mainly use ionic compounds and partially synthetic covalent compounds. The ionic bond and the covalent bond are strong bonding bonds, and the bonding system forms a chemical bond due to the combination of strengthening measures and special treatment, so the strength and rigidity are great. High-speed impact and shear stress that can be effectively resisted. ZS-911 wear-resistant waterproof coating is resistant to temperature. Due to the use of special raw materials resistant to acid and alkali, the coating performance is stable and will not react with the medium. At the same time, the raw materials of wear-resistant waterproof coating are mostly high-temperature synthetic materials, crystal development, structure The complete, coated paper film, which is not affected by environmental factors, is one of the best inert materials, thus effectively resisting the friction of the fluid powder medium and various chemical corrosion, and the coating is resistant to high temperatures.

The surface of the wear-resistant waterproof coating material effectively increases the hardness and wear resistance of the surface of the material, prolongs the use time of the material and maintains the performance of the material. The wear-resistant layer of the ceramic wear-resistant coating and the ceramic wear-resistant patch are superior.

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