Shanli intercom card intercom and cluster intercom scheduling always adhere to high quality, and Shanli intercom module always insists on customer priority. Shanli attaches great importance to the accumulation of 4G intercom x3ab9can core technology, and the company's intelligent intercom already has its own intellectual property rights.

China Hardware Business Network Detailed description: Introduction to the intercom communication system The emergency rescue communication command usually relies on the simplest phone, so the emergency rescue communication command system usually refers to the dedicated telephone command communication system. One of the representative of this type of communication system is the walkie-talkie communication system. Generally speaking, the radio communication equipment working in the ultra-short wave band (VHF 30-300MHz, UHF 300-3000MHz) are collectively referred to as radio intercom communication systems. In fact, according to national standards, ultrashort wave FM radiotelephones should be called radio interphones. Usually, people call the small-power and small-sized handheld radiotelephones "interphones". Some people used to call them "walkie-talkies" and "walkie-talkies"; while those with high power and large volume can be installed in cars (Ship) and other transportation or fixed-use wireless telephones are also called "radio stations", such as vehicle-mounted stations (vehicle-mounted machines), marine stations, fixed stations, base stations, transit stations, etc. After decades of development, the use of walkie-talkies has become very common, and has shifted from specialization to general consumption, from military to civilian use. In daily work, walkie-talkies are almost everywhere. You can see walkie-talkies everywhere in the hands of staff in airports, train stations, bus stations, and ship terminals. It is not only a professional wireless communication tool in mobile communication, but also a consumption tool with the characteristics of consumer products that can meet people's daily needs. The first difference between private and public communication systems is that users are significantly different. The public communication system serves the general public. In engineering design, in residential areas, only 5% of users are called at the same time; in commercial areas, only 10% of users are called at the same time. At this time, as long as the call loss rate does not exceed 1%, it is considered to meet the service quality requirements. However, in the event of an emergency, the surge in user calls will inevitably lead to congestion. The dedicated communication system is specifically controlled for use by a small number of people. According to regulations, there is no surge in user calls, so there is no congestion. Secondly, the basic business structure characteristics of the two are different, and the operation mode of the networking is also different; the private network has its characteristics and complexity in terms of scheduling and network structure and security control, such as rapid scheduling group calls, group calls, broadcast, Straight-through, forced disassembly, forced insertion, abbreviated addressing, priority call, delayed entry, environmental interception, control transfer, dynamic reorganization, automatic retransmission, VPN networking, etc., many of which are not special functions of the general public mobile communication system Yes; the private network can ensure the reliability of the group's applications and ensure the effective command, communication, and scheduling of group users. Therefore, the operation mode of the private network, user requirements for terminals, security requirements, and billing modes are different from the public network, and the market occupied by the two is also very different. Private network users are far less than the public network. Number of users in the network. Finally, in addition to good reliability and durability, it also requires the police radio to have strong functions, superior performance, strong and strong, shockproof, shockproof, lightweight, easy to use, large battery capacity, and long standby time. Some departments have special requirements, such as communication security technology. Product Name: Intercom Platform; Brand Trademark: Kindness; Hot Selling Area: Nationwide; Price: 10000;

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