In the past few days, Botou City dispatched 13 small-scale investment groups led by county-level leaders to Yunnan, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places, and launched a “one-on-one” docking with 91 key machine tool enterprises across the country. A number of companies such as Hanghang CNC Machine Tool and Shanghai No. 3 Machine Tool Plant expressed their investment intentions. At present, there are 7 CNC machine tools under construction and in the early stage of Botou City, with a planned investment of more than 1.4 billion yuan.

The inevitable move of "crossroads" for transformation
The machine tool is called the “mother of industry”, and the machine tool manufacturing capability, especially the high-tech new-in-one CNC machine tool manufacturing capability, represents the strength of a region's industrial strength, especially the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry. Casting is the basis of machine tool manufacturing. The existing machine tool industry in Botou City is derived from the foundry industry. Among the 480 foundry companies, there are more than 100 machine tool parts and parts manufacturers, which basically have the production capacity of various types of machine tool castings. However, in addition to the small-scale production of gantry planers and gantry milling machines used by individual companies for self-use or occasional sales, most companies only “marry for people” and supply them to Shenyang Machine Tool Plant and Dalian Machine Tool Plant. And the CNC machine tools that represent the cutting-edge level of the machine tool industry are even more like the morning star.

According to the data, in the CNC machine tool industry, the value of all castings is only 10% to 20% of the price of the whole machine, while the value of core technology accounts for more than 80%. In other words, the profit that Botou Casting can earn is only 20% of the space. Due to the low level of products, backward technology and equipment, and small single scale of the industry, there have been phenomena of individual companies competing for price reduction and disorderly competition.

“It can be said that the Botou machine tool industry has reached a 'crossroads', and it is extremely urgent to create a equipment manufacturing base and realize the transformation of development methods. Based on this, we have selected CNC machine tools as a breakthrough in industrial upgrading, and we have large, precise and high-speed. As a long-term development goal, CNC machine tools and advanced CNC systems have developed the 'specialized special' small and medium-sized machine tools and popular machine tools as the current main direction to achieve the leap from parts to the whole machine,” said the head of the Botou City Government.

To achieve this goal, it is inseparable from the project. However, with the strength of the existing machine tool enterprises in Botou, the development of CNC machine tools is not enough. “Introducing strategic investors and relying on external forces to develop themselves has become an inevitable choice for Botou to develop the CNC machine tool industry. This is like planting trees. Introducing large projects is like planting large trees directly, eliminating the process of 'nurturing' If you rely solely on local enterprises to 'snowball' accumulation, potential development opportunities will be missed." He Fusheng, deputy director of Botou City Industrial and Information Bureau, made an image metaphor to reporters.

"Prepared investment" must have a harvest
In 2008, the Taiwan-funded enterprise Zhaofa Electromechanical started construction, rewriting the history that Botou and even Hebei could not produce CNC machine tools. For this project, Botou has been tracking for 4 years.

Last year, Shandong Lunan Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Botou Giant Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Chengdu Guangtai Industrial Co., Ltd. invested 300 million yuan in the giant heavy-duty CNC machine tools and other projects, and the current construction of Botou City and the previous CNC machine tools There are 7 projects with a planned investment of more than 1.4 billion yuan.

"We firmly believe that as long as we go out, we will have gains. If we don't come to the project, we will promote the matching. The 'supporting' will not collect information. If the information is not collected, we can also promote the Botou and enhance the feelings. As long as we persist in it, we will introduce three or five per year. At home, in a few years, we will be able to form a cluster advantage and attract more machine tool enterprises to settle down." Qi Kaitai, secretary of the Botou Municipal Party Committee, said this.

With the successful landing of a number of projects, it has strengthened the confidence of Botou to accelerate the investment of CNC machine tools. This year, the Botou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government decided to focus on the investment promotion activities of the machine tool industry. From the national machine tool manufacturers, 91 well-known enterprises with investment intentions were selected as the key points to carry out small-group “one-on-one” fixed-point docking negotiations. On the basis of the previous liaison, a special working group will be formed for projects with investment intentions to follow up in time.

“Prepared investment is the key to ensuring the effectiveness of investment. It is understood that China's current machine tool industry is mainly distributed in the Northeast, East China, Southwest and other places. With the rise of the Bohai Economic Circle, these enterprises have the willingness to lay out in North China, and the Botou with the foundation of the foundry industry has become an important option for them. . In this regard, Botou City is doing a good job in the packaging of investment projects, and at the same time, using the contact between Botou enterprises and investment enterprises, and the industry associations in China Merchants, to find companies with intent to negotiate. For enterprises with strong strength and investment expansion intentions, establish project information files and arrange long-term follow-up contact.

In March of this year, Qi Kaitai led a team to Yunnan CY Group to attract investment, which enabled the company to invest 300 million yuan in the production of CNC machine tools with Botou Lutong Machine Tool Co., Ltd., which can produce 3000 sets of CNC gantry milling machines. At present, the project has been listed as a provincial key project, and the prototype trial work is being carried out simultaneously.

In the recent investment promotion activities in the past month, 13 investment promotion groups in Botou City visited dozens of companies including Zhejiang Kaida Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and Shanghai No. 3 Machine Tool Plant, which entered the top 500 manufacturing industries in China. During the visit, the heads of Anyang Forging Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Anyang Xinsheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Nanjing CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Gaojing Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. all said that they will visit Botou in the near future to discuss cooperation. Shanghai No. 3 Machine Tool Plant proposed on the spot that two castings with good quality, moderate price and machining were recommended by Botou to seek cooperation.

Planting phoenix to lead phoenix
If the industrial base is the hard foundation for investment, then the environment suitable for investment is the “Pygmy Tree”.

Based on this, Botou City has introduced a series of preferential policies on the basis of continuously strengthening service efficiency and optimizing the development environment. It has compiled a CNC machine tool industry development plan and planned a CNC industrial park with an area of ​​1 square kilometer in Botou Industrial Zone. Do a good job in infrastructure construction such as water, electricity, roads, and communications, and build a platform for industrial gathering. At present, in addition to Zhaofa Electromechanical, Giant Heavy Industry, Lutong Machine Tool and other projects under construction or ready to settle in, investing 250 million yuan in Beijing Cowley Special CNC machine tools and other projects have also reached initial investment intentions, and the first 4S store in the North China region of Shenyang Machine Tool Plant will also settle in Botou.

At the same time, Botou City relies on Botou Vocational College, Botou Vocational Middle School and social training institutions to strengthen the training of skilled workers, and provide support for enterprises to introduce high-end talents in terms of policies and funds; actively cooperate with well-known institutions and research institutions. Establish cooperative relationships and connect enterprises in terms of personnel training and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

A person in charge of a CNC machine tool company in Jiangsu told reporters that some of their bare-metal machine tools were originally commissioned in Yunnan, and the production and transportation costs were relatively high. After learning about the industrial advantages and support measures of Botou, this investment firm strengthened their confidence in Botou Investment. It is preparing to invest in Botou to establish a foundry and put the bare metal machine production to Botou.

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