(1) Use of the housing cooling system. The housing cooling water not only prolongs the service life of the housing but also increases production efficiency when used correctly. The material of the bearing housing is generally made of special bearing housing steel through various treatments. Even the best bearing housing steel has the limit of their use, such as temperature. When the bearing seat is in use, if the mold temperature is too high, it will easily cause the crack on the surface of the core early, and some bearing blocks will not appear more than 2000 mold cracks. Even if the bearing housing is in production, the core of the bearing has changed color due to the too high temperature of the bearing housing. After measuring, it even reaches more than 400 degrees. Such a temperature is prone to cracking of the turtle when the mold release agent is chilled. The products are also prone to deformation, strain, and sticking. In the case of using the housing cooling water, the use of the release agent can be greatly reduced, so that the operator does not use the release agent to lower the temperature of the housing. The utility model has the advantages of effectively extending the life of the bearing housing, saving the die casting cycle, improving the product quality, reducing the occurrence of sticking and straining and sticking aluminum, and reducing the use of the releasing agent. It also reduces the loss of the ram and core due to overheating of the housing.

(2) The bearing housing must be preheated during the production process to prevent the sudden occurrence of hot metal liquid in the cold bearing housing and the occurrence of cracks in the turtle. The more complicated bearing housing can be liquefied with a blowtorch. Gas, good condition with mold temperature machine, relatively simple bearing seat can use slow injection preheating.

(3) It is very troublesome to clean the parting surface of the bearing seat. It is also easy to ignore. The operator uses kerosene to thoroughly clean the bearing part parting surface, which not only prevents the bearing seat from being crushed. Moreover, after cleaning, the exhaust groove of the bearing seat which is blocked by the residue of the release agent or other dirt can be opened, which is favorable for the gas discharge in the cavity during the injection process to improve the product quality.

(4) If the bearing housing is equipped with neutron control, it is absolutely forbidden to have the signal line between the die casting machine and the bearing housing. The reason is very clear. In daily production, it is difficult to avoid water on the signal line, or The place where the joint is wrapped is easy to break, which causes the machine to be short-circuited. If a signal error occurs, the alarm will automatically stop and delay the time, and the signal will be disordered and the bearing seat will be broken. Cause unnecessary losses.

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