Recently, Autodesk Co., Ltd. ("Autodesk" or "Autodesk"), the global leader in 2D and 3D design, engineering and entertainment software, announced at the 19th Autodesk AU Conference that it will launch a new cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management Solution (PLM: Product Lifecycle Management). The solution will enable manufacturers to manage the entire product lifecycle in a more flexible way: from concept design to manufacturing, from partner and supplier management, to procurement, quality, specifications, services and more. With the new approach to cloud technology to provide new product lifecycle management, Autodesk will greatly help and support companies to capture and manage product information and processes to continuously improve their products.

Autodesk's new PLM products are expected to be available early next year and are part of Autodesk 360. Autodesk 360 is a secure, easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for streamline product and project business processes. Whether it's a growing enterprise that is eager to deploy PLM, or a large enterprise that loses confidence in its complexity and high cost when implementing traditional PLM, companies of all sizes can benefit from Autodesk 360 for PLM's complete solution.

Autodesk 360 Nexus User Interface

Robert "Buzz" Kross, senior vice president of manufacturing solutions at Autodesk, said, "Autodesk's new PLM solution is in stark contrast to the decades-old technology that has been used in the marketplace. Autodesk 360 for PLM will enable organizations of all sizes to quickly deploy scalable, flexible, and intuitive solutions that leverage product lifecycle management. We believe in better, more accessible collaboration and business information. Management can bring obvious competitive advantages to customers."

With Autodesk's leading technology base in cloud solutions, Autodesk 360 for PLM is designed to meet the business process management needs of the manufacturing industry throughout the product lifecycle, from product concept design to product retirement. At each stage, Autodesk 360 for PLM includes the following:

Autodesk 360 Nexus - Autodesk 360 Nexus is a new cloud solution that delivers an affordable, easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy SaaS (Software as a Service) service in Autodesk 360 for PLM. Users enjoy the convenience of PLM business applications anytime, anywhere, while reducing costs and risks.

Autodesk Vault, now available on the Autodesk Vault , is a native product data management software that enables engineering teams to organize, manage, and track the entire design, engineering bill of materials, and change processes. Autodesk Vault works seamlessly with Autodesk 360 Nexus.

Autodesk Buzzsaw - Autodesk Buzzsaw is powered by Autodesk Cloud, and with the software's cloud provider collaboration capabilities, customers can securely communicate design and drawings to external partners and dispersed team members wherever they are. With Autodesk Buzzsaw Mobile, users can always get the latest information for their needs.

Multinational market research firm IDC expects the market value of the PLM software application market to grow to $20.5 billion by 2015. The commercialization and operation of products will become more complex and fragmented. Frequent interactions generate a large amount of design, process and business information. Decision makers and dispersed teams must classify this information throughout the product life cycle. Sort and manage.

Unlike the expensive, complex, engineering-centric, and difficult-to-deploy PLM systems currently on the market, Autodesk 360 Nexu can be easily and easily configured to meet the specific needs of specific customers to meet customers' product lifecycles across the enterprise. Management needs. Whether employees are in product planning, product development, supplier management, quality and specifications, services, etc., they can eliminate bottlenecks with the more powerful business capabilities of Autodesk's new PLM products, no matter where they are. Access product and project related information more quickly.

Because of the high cost of deploying and maintaining a PLM system and the need for deep expertise, PLM has almost always been a “patent” for large companies. Kross commented, “All companies should benefit from the benefits of PLM technology.”

According to a report released by IDC Manufacturing Insights in June 2011, manufacturers believe that the three most important business benefits of cloud systems are: reducing total hardware expenditures; increasing IT staff productivity and end-user service levels; reducing software licensing and Total expenditure on software maintenance. Autodesk 360 Nexus will better support customers to grow from small to large to meet customer needs, making it easy to adapt to the current business environment.

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