According to a large number of studies, people who have been exposed to soot for a long period of time are as likely to suffer from respiratory diseases as long-term smokers, and can also cause a variety of mutational symptoms. Therefore, we must not ignore the harm caused by soot. After listening to these, are people who love beauty more reluctant to enter the kitchen? But now you don't have to worry about the fumes in the kitchen, you can enjoy the process of cooking more safely. Because Xiao Bian is on the way with artifacts. . .

That's right, it's it!

Supor CXW-230-J717 side suction range hood

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The surface of the black crystal tempered glass panel adopts Supor patent bionic lotus leaf non-stick layer, which has strong non-stick property, heat resistance 240-260°, high moisture resistance and high friction resistance. The principle of non-stick strength on the surface of the lotus leaf was applied to simulate the rough surface structure of the lotus leaf, and the application of surface tension combined with non-stick oil material was applied to eliminate the soot adhesion.

Intimate design

Just after use, a small amount of residual grease stays on the impeller in the form of droplets, which is also the most easily cleaned oil droplets. Supor Zhixuan dry cleaning uses a special motor to achieve positive and negative rotation of the impeller, using positive and negative eccentricity and emergency stop oil rejection, to ensure that the internal completely non-stick. In this case, immediately wash and thoroughly dry the traces of oil.

Outstanding ability

Through the wings can only open and close the flap, using the principle of negative pressure, to achieve "clean" and "quiet" kitchen, customize a variety of solutions to solve various difficulties in the kitchen. Not only can improve the effect of smoking, but also can effectively reduce noise.

After reading these, we will not take this Supor hood home!

(Xiaobian secretly reminds me: Want to let TA fall in love with the feeling of cooking at home, depends on it ~)

Kitchen hood Supor hood

Malachite Green
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Malachite Green

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