Electrolytic ion grounding electrode is a new type of grounding system suitable for all kinds of places with high grounding requirements and difficult grounding engineering.

The electrolytic ion grounding system is composed of advanced alloy compounds with red copper tubes on the electrodes to ensure the highest conductivity and long service life. The internal conductor of the conductor contains specially-made electro-ionic compounds that can fully absorb the moisture in the air. Through the deliquescence effect, the active ion is effectively released into the soil and interacts with the moisture in the soil and the air, which further promotes the external release and drag reduction of the conductor and maintains the long-term stability of the resistance. Compounds inside the conductor gradually become synthetically transparent with time. The use of the conductive properties of the colloidal compound enables the entire system to be in an ion exchange state for a long period of time, thereby constituting an ideal electrolytic ion grounding system. After the slow-release filler in the conductor is buried, the grounding resistance will gradually decrease, reaching a stable value within six months to one year, and the slow-buried process may last for several years.

The main connecting parts of the ion grounding electrode are welded by hot-melt welding, which overcomes the problems of other connection methods and loose connections that are easily generated.

Electrolytic ion grounding product application range :

Petrochemical, oil storage, power plants, substations, communication base stations, airports, network rooms and other places of lightning grounding engineering.

Ionic grounding features:

1. Includes electrolytic salt for nature. Infiltrate the surrounding soil to change the condition of the earth wall and increase the conductivity.

2. Low impedance to effectively dissipate lightning and power fault currents.

3. Can provide more than 70 kinds of configurations, special order to be ordered.

4. Easily connect to other ground conductors using the cable on the grounding rod (up or down).

5. Due to its sturdy construction and anti-corrosion material with a service life of at least 30 years, reliable service for decades can be ensured.

6.55mm steel pipe. The inside of the steel tube includes natural electrolytic salt, and penetration into the surrounding soil effectively improves the contact between the grounding rod and the soil.

7. The length can be provided within 6 meters. Longer ion bars can be realized by assembling 3.05 meters of ground rods on site.

8. The factory can customize radiation strips, which can effectively reduce the impedance of high-frequency lightning energy and control the direction of dissipation.

9. Where it is not possible to drill deep, horizontally-installed Bu-shaped grounding rods may be provided.

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