【China Aluminum Industry Network】 In mid-September 2015, the results of the project evaluation of the technology innovation fund for science and technology SMEs in Zhuhai City announced in 2015. The research of chromium-free conversion coatings for aluminum alloys was filed by Zhuhai Ogilent Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. And the “Development” project successfully obtained the Zhuhai City Science and Technology Plan project (funding amounting to RMB 300,000, project number: ZH01081404150051PWC, issued by the number Zhugong Gongxin [2015] No. 836).

After the publicity period of the project, Mr. Ogilvy & Mather, general manager of China, as the project leader, organized all project team members to hold seminars on scientific research projects. During the implementation period of the project, the company’s research and development plans, specific division of labor, and technical indicators for acceptance (economic indicators, achievements) And other forms of issues, etc., have conducted intensive and in-depth discussions.

A few days ago, government funding was in place.

This is Omeron's first project of a municipal science and technology plan project, which has a landmark significance. The successful project of the project represents the recognition of the strength of our company by the Zhuhai municipal government. At the same time, it stimulates the enthusiasm for research and development of our technicians and promotes the company to a new level of technological development. During the implementation period, the company will strictly comply with the requirements of the municipal government and implement the "Science and Technology Plan Project Contract" to implement the scientific and technological project funds. It will eventually achieve the further promotion and application of chromium-free passivation technology in the field of aluminum extrusion. To achieve the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

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