In the whole home decoration, the decoration of the living room is a crucial step. It will not only affect the entire home decoration effect, but also directly reflect the owner's home taste. In recent years, new Chinese style popular with everyone's favorite, and that the new Chinese living room decoration What are the characteristics of it? What new Chinese living room decoration should pay attention to it? Here's a small series with at regulating the family together to understand it!

What are the characteristics of the new Chinese living room decoration

1. Materials

The Chinese style decoration basically uses wood furniture, while the new Chinese style incorporates some modern elements, often adding some glass, metal and other elements, which can also play a good decorative effect.

2. Decoration

We use some ceramic products, calligraphy and painting, Chinese window grilles, etc. to decorate the living room. These traditional Chinese decorations have a good decorative effect, which can make the entire living room look more antique. At the same time, for these accessories, the new Chinese style will choose a simpler shape.

3. Ground wall decoration

Although in the Chinese-style decoration, the ground is basically made of wood, but the new Chinese-style decoration need not be too restrictive, like tiles are often used. It can not only be laid on the ground, but also can be used as a living room background wall with some beautifully designed wall tiles.

4. Lights

In the classical Chinese style, in the past, we often introduced natural sunlight directly into the room, in order to achieve a spacious and bright sense of the room. In the new Chinese-style living room, even if the lighting is not good, we can make the living room brighter by adding a light source.

New Chinese style living room decoration matters needing attention

1. Not retro elements

Although it is a new Chinese-style decoration style, it does not refer to traditional Chinese-style decoration. Therefore, we do not need to decorate the room with traditional elements, but should combine classical and modern artfully and appropriately. Achieve me in you, and your decorative effect in me.

2. Traditional items should be placed correctly

For some traditional furniture, we must understand its main functions and places of use; and for traditional decorations, we must understand the meaning they represent, as well as the taboos of feng shui, etc. Do n’t place them randomly, otherwise they will easily be counterproductive. Question!

Editor's note: In order to avoid blind decoration, we still need to understand some new Chinese living room decoration techniques before construction, so that our residence can have better decoration effects, and we will also be more at ease when decorating. The above is the relevant knowledge of the new Chinese living room decoration explained by Xiaobian and everyone. I hope to give you some reference! For more related content, you can pay attention to Qijia Information, and more exciting content will be presented in the future!

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New Chinese living room decoration

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