After exploring various traditional styles in 2013, consumers have a stronger sense of autonomy and rationality for the popular style in 2014.


Hibiscus Love Rose Series French style solid wood living room combination cabinet


Minimalist tranquil zen


The phrase "Less is more" by the master of the 20th century modern architecture, Mies van der Rohe, has brought the spirit of minimalism into the design of the home, simplifying the design elements, colors, lighting, and materials to a minimum.The structure of the space Only by precise proportions and details. When the minimalism meets the logs and bonsai, there is a little more Zen between the tranquility and the openness.


Diverse harmonious symbiosis


In the Internet era, consumers can enjoy home design more fully and freely, allowing multiple cultures to collide with sparks, and thus produce various types of "fusion" designs. A "fusion" of home improvement style design, whether it is color matching or style selection, try to focus on one or two, not too much.


Ming style lines


Chinese furniture has a long history and developed into a unique format until the Ming Dynasty. In recent years, Ming-style furniture has gradually got rid of the dull and dull form in the past when Chinese designers have explored the aftertaste again and again, and it has also been loved by more and more people, even young people. Ming-style furniture has also been inherited and evolved repeatedly due to the characteristics of generous modeling, concise outlines and fine production.


The return of simplicity and nature


The strong return to consciousness of natural things such as sunlight, green and mountains and rivers will make people tend to pour their homesickness and love of the earth into the indoor environment and space furnishings. The influence of natural wind on interior decoration is quite obvious, such as the extensive use of natural marble.


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