Some suites have a very small bathroom, only 2 square meters, then 2 square meters bathroom decoration how to design it? This will take into account the design skills. Here is a small series to see 2 square meters of bathroom decoration and practical design methods and 2 square meters of bathroom decoration renderings, for your reference oh.

2 square meters of bathroom decoration - a reasonable design slimming

The method of slimming is to strictly limit the size of each item. There are not many options for rowing toilets. In the only brands, consider the minimum size while considering the price/performance ratio. The small room gave me this Nice toilet, small size, it does not feel inconvenient to use it, the brand in home made cost-effective is also very good.

Bathroom cabinet I hesitated for a long time, because such a small bathroom is impossible to achieve wet and dry separation, in consideration of the environmental protection and color, style, and finally gave up the solid wood cabinet, and chose not afraid of water, completely environmentally friendly, cheap pvc bath cabinet. The width of 60cm, the depth of 30cm, and the toilet close side by side, it will not block the toilet, does not affect people to sit up and other movements.

Because the kitchen is also very small, I also use the hand basin to wash some clothes. A lot of seemingly beautiful hands did not hesitate to be eliminated by me. This basin must be deep. Washing can only be done as a water storage basin. When it is washed, it will not be splashed. It is water. This basin should be small. Otherwise, people will feel narrow when walking back and forth (the house is too small!). It is impossible to display. In the end I chose the heart of the bowl, which is known as "cat's butt pot" - it looks a bit like a butt, haha ​​~ but it is indeed a small depth!

2 square meters of bathroom decoration - design to enhance the sense of space

1, expand the space, the most widely used is the mirror

The ceiling I chose was the Water Cube series. What I saw was the translucent effect of the brushed stainless steel surface. The ceiling will make the entire space more dwarf, the top surface has a transparent sense of people feel too much, this ceiling design is my favorite, haha ​​~ stainless steel cabinet above the hand basin is also a small object I am proud of, it The volume is not small, basically wash cups, emollients and other bottles cans can be put in, the mirror is also very large, and the appearance of the entire stainless steel is full of space and translucent! In the Baijialou Building Materials City, the price is not high.

2, color is also a good way to expand space

Black has a feeling of narrowness and deepness. White has a large and flat feeling, and it is most likely to have a sense of depth when paired together. The color of the wall tile was finalized. There are dark flowers on the wall tiles, which look more three-dimensional, which not only expands the space, but also adds a lot of beauty!

About 2 square meters of bathroom decoration related information for everyone to introduce here, I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Bathroom Bathroom Decoration

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