2018 citrus autumn shoot pest control program

The autumn stage of hibiscus is an important period of hibiscus, and citrus hibiscus is the only medium for citrus Huanglong disease to spread in the field. The agents can be high chloride, thiamethoxam, imidacloprid and acetamiprid. If the early management of Red Spider Red -----

Out-of-control uranium ore: Shaoxing radioactive stone …

Abstract As early as 1957, Yifeng Mountain was explored with multiple uranium belts. According to the survey report, the granite stone of Yifeng Mountain should not be used as the main material and decoration material for industrial buildings and civil buildings. It can only be used for the r-----

Brands of good reason worthy of consumer trust

Shanli intercom card intercom and cluster intercom scheduling always adhere to high quality, and Shanli intercom module always insists on customer priority. Shanli attaches great importance to the accumulation of 4G intercom x3ab9can core technology, and the company's intelligent intercom alre-----

4 Features of New Chinese Living Room Decoration Notes …

In the whole home decoration, the decoration of the living room is a crucial step. It will not only affect the entire home decoration effect, but also directly reflect the owner's home taste. In recent years, new Chinese style popular with everyone's favorite, and that the new Chine-----

Summer corn enters the filling period, strengthen the f…

At present, summer corn has entered the filling stage. During this period, the main goal is to ensure the good grain filling of corn, which provides a basic guarantee for the harvest and harvest. But at the same time pay attention to field management, to prevent production cut-----


Do n’t think that it would be out of place to intersperse some Chinese furniture in a modern home. In fact, a traditional Chinese cabinet, a simple Chinese chair, or an improved stone pier can create a beautiful mood in home life. . In the Western design community, there is also a view that-----

Analysis and Disposal of Motor Bearing Abnormal Noise

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