Using sunlight to produce unlimited renewable kerosene

Since the first successful synthesis of "solar" jet fuel, the EU-sponsored SOLAR-JET project has successfully demonstrated the use of sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to directly obtain renewable kerosene throughout the entire production chain. Th-----

Shanghai spot copper price chart May 8

Shanghai spot copper price chart May 8 Carbon and its compounds A wide variety of carbons can also be alloyed with iron, the most common being carbon steel; graphite and clay can be used to make pencil cores for writing and painting, and graphite can also be used as a lubrica-----

Weihai Bus Intelligent Dispatching System Trial Operati…

Weihai City Public Transport Intelligent Dispatching System has begun trial operation on 14th and 47th bus lines recently and it is expected that full coverage of bus lines will be achieved in the second half of the year. As the "brain" of intelligent public transportation system-----

New Progress Made in the Study of Molecular Energy Leve…

Molecular Structure of Polymers and Effect of Changing Conjugated Side Chains on Polymer Properties In recent years, two-dimensional conjugated polymers have become a research hotspot in the field of polymer photovoltaic materials due to their advantages of wide absorption and -----

Key points of color steel machinery

Nowadays, the roofs of many buildings are using color steel tiles, and the color steel machinery has a single layer and a sandwich. Some people say that single-layer color steel tiles are steaming in the summer, and people can't stand the heat. They don't keep warm in -----

Yanan Fire: Solidly promote the development of "Ch…

In order to fully promote the “Chunlei Action”, the Yanan Detachment combined with the characteristics of the spring fire situation, actively studied and judged the fire safety situation, adhered to the government-led, department-linked, focused investigation, vigorously rectifying, pro-----

Australian scientists develop diamond laser energy conv…

Abstract Scientists at the Macquarie Photonics Research Center in Australia recently published a study in the journal Laser Quantum, saying that synthetic diamond can fundamentally improve the characteristics of high-power laser beams. Principal researcher Aaron McKay introduced that lasers c-----